Puppy Counter - 80 cuties!

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Saphie - from Guernsey

Saphie was my first. I remember her fondly.... We had a litter of eight in June 2012.

Saphie & Pups

Scully - from Barnes

...delivered 4 boys & 2 girls (4 brown & 2 cream/golden) at the end of October 2017.

Scully's Pups


Binky - from Denham

Binky delivered 3 boys and 2 girls at the end of August 2017.

Binky's Pups


Pickle - from London

Pickle and I had 6 pups in June 2017. 3 girls and 3 boys.

Pickle's Pups

Chilli - from Reading

Chilli and I had 5 pups in January 2016. Four girls and one boy. I think that the black and tan one should be called Guiness...

Check out Chilli's description of giving birth by clicking here .

Chilli's Pups

Honey - from Westcott

Honey and I had one boy in December 2015. Such a gorgeous colour from such a gorgeous gal...

Honey's Pup

Ruby - from Stroud

Ruby and I had 7 pups on the 5th November 2015 - four girls, two gold and two black with flashes and three boys, one gold and two black.

Ruby wrote me some wonderful Love Letters when we were courting and you can read them if you click here .

Ruby's Pups

Cookie - Harpenden

Cookie and I had 8 pups in May 15. Four boys and four girls. Eight is such a beautiful number - just like Cookie....

Cookies Pups

Coco - from Swindon

Coco and I had a litter of five, one boy and 4 girls in February 15. Four Chocolatey brown like Coco and me and a beautiful honey girl.

Coco's Pups

April - from Redditch

April and I had a litter of four, three boys (rrrr..) and a girl in August 14. All Chocolatey brown like April and me.

April's Pups

Bailey - from Swindon

Bailey is a lovely apricot colour. In May 2014 we had eight (yes EIGHT!!) boys. If they are anything like their old man they must be quite a hand full!

Bailey's Pups

Missey - from Ascot

Missey is another apricot Cockapoo - we made such wonderful colours together! In November 2013 we had three pups, 2 boys and a girl.

Missey's Pups

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